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Zebra Blinds In Bangalore

If you are looking forward to elevating the look of your rooms with window treatments, Zebra blinds are the way to go.

Zebra Blinds

Manufacturers In Bangalore

Are you looking to buy window blinds that are available with stylish looks and advanced features? You should opt for Zebra blinds.

Buy Zebra blinds and magnify the beauty of your interior. The unique color of these blinds makes them astounding and fully distinguished from other blinds. Zebra blinds are designed with unique stripes that make them stand out. We offer zebra blinds with varieties of options.

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Zebra blinds are one of the latest trends that you look for in your home or office. when you look at the zebra blends in the morning hours, it will brighten your day. Zebra blinds are pure fabric and a single piece has two bands – one is a sheer band and the other is a fabric band.

They appear one after another. The sheer band permits you to view while the fabric band allows you privacy. It is the main design of zebra blinds.

When you are planning to install zebra blinds for your office or home, you must consider customized designs so that you can tell your requirements to design. Mostly, people like to choose light filtering fabric for shades that make your office light and airy.

If you add some splashes of an accent color, it looks more aesthetic. The sheer and fabric bands in one fabric can permit you to change over the shade from open to close. It depends on your choice of design to show the difference in décor. Some will like to go with warmth and richness while others choose calm and inviting nature.

Benefits of

Zebra Blinds For Windows


Zebra blinds are so convenient to operate for lighting. It is a concept of a do-it-all option and delivers you control over the lighting and privacy that you expect in the room.

Multi Colors

You may have thought that zebra blinds are available in only black and white colors. These are available in different colors, patterns, and textures – gray, earthy hessian, off-white, and scarlet red and ochr

Energy Efficiency

Zebra blinds can help reduce energy costs by keeping a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The innovative range of zebra blinds woven fabrics acts as the right blend of giving you elegance and durability. The level of light control with zebra blinds is not compared to any other blinds.

Easy to install

It is easier to install zebra blinds for your windows. Cleaning blends are simple with a soft cloth and do not require any hard material to clean them. You can control zebra blinds with a remote.


Zebra blinds offer privacy as they can be fully closed or opened to control the visibility from the outside.

Why Zebra Blinds

Why do people prefer this style?

Choosing zebra blinds is popular in many countries due to their modern look and affordability. You are the person who wants to have a decent and stylish look for your home; zebra blinds will be the apt one. The trend of selecting zebra blinds is increasing exponentially for its elegant nature of an appeal. When zebra blinds were introduced in European countries, people ignored them in the beginning. But, after a couple of years, some of the best architects advised homeowners and business traders to install the zebra blinds. Within two years, the trend has become popular. People from various parts of India are selecting Zebra blinds for a better appeal.

Versatile Design

Zebra blinds are versatile and will be able to fit any style of decorating that you have. Present, contemporary settings are going high in the market. The construction industry has seen greater heights for more than a decade, and architecture is busy with loads of work. As of now, they advise homeowners to go with zebra blinds with modern or traditional. Its soft sheer fabric has multiple options to fit perfectly with modern styles for customers.

Controlling light

The zebra blinds can be a great advantage as zebra shades are apt for any room with their flexibility, sleek design, and many more. You can switch off to dark or brightness options. Still, you need more light, you can keep it open so that you would enjoy the brightness. If you are looking for a complete transformation of your room, install zebra blinds, you will see a great change.

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As of now, there are three ways to power these motorized blinds. It can be direct power, a solar panel, or an AA battery source. Many customers are using three types of power systems to operate them.

These zebra blinds do not require washing and dry cleaning like curtains. It is good to use a vacuum machine. But, the best way to clean them is to use a soft cloth. In case of heavy dust remains, apply a damp sponge to clean them and later use a dry cloth to sweep gently. While cleaning, you should be careful as blends are arranged with care. Any damage occurs, you need to change the blends.

It needs an assessment by technicians based on length, width, design, and colors. If the customer requires installation, an extra charge should be paid. So, it will take time to calculate everything and tell the cost.

Within three days, you will receive the material but, it depends on many factors.


Of course, this style allows plenty of light to filter into your office or home. You might have known that Zebra blinds are transparent blinds that can allow the sun rays to spread in your room to have a ton of natural brightness.

As the aforementioned sheer fabric is see-through, you can have enough light into your room to enjoy the natural source to do your activities.

Installing zebra blinds in the bedroom is ideal and you will have a refreshing feel. Every morning is fresh and enjoyable.


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