1) Overview

Choosing the perfect window blinds for office and commercial places is something that is a highly responsible and tough task, especially when compared to home. The reason is one needs to consider several other factors as well apart from privacy and light control. 

Some of these factors are energy efficiency, materials, designs, comfort, décor, style, safety, maintenance, durability, etc. You need to select blinds carefully to get the right match.

So, you need to be highly careful when choosing the best Commercial office blinds for your workspace. The great advantage of office blinds is it prevents your employees from getting distracted by external factors such as street view, sunlight, busy road, noise, etc. These are crucial to help employees focus on their work and thus improve their productivity.

Some sensitive office spaces such as law offices and others need a certain amount of privacy and they find the installation of office blinds is a perfect option for them. The right type of office blind helps you make your workspace a professional place.

All you need to do is to choose the right types of office blinds for installation that can greatly impact the décor of your workspace and create a good ambiance. Apart from improving efficiency, it also boosts the morale of your employees.

Window blinds also create a good impression on your clients and others who visit your office. It creates a good impression of your business among them. These blinds let your clients feel your workspace is an interesting place and also encourage them to maintain a long-term relationship with you.

2) Top 5 Types Window Blinds for Office

So, after going through enough information regarding office blinds, you may be seeking to gather details about some of the top-rated Commercial office blinds that you can go for. Well, we are going to outline here some of the best options that you can explore and choose the right one based on your needs and preferences. Take a look.

2.1) Vertical Office Window Blinds

If your office has large doors or windows, you need to choose none other than vertical blinds. These blinds are designed, especially for covering the larger space. These blinds include taller slats that run vertically, which means up and down.

The best thing about vertical blinds is that you don’t need to adjust these for using French or bifold doors. The reason is its slats are vertical; you can easily slip in and out as you please even without touching the window coverings.

Vertical blinds are also popular for having lower maintenance and simplicity. Its slats are vertical. So, it prevents dust accumulation and thus prevents you from doing hard work for cleaning when compared to other types of blinds.

These blinds are available in different colors and excellent designs. If you want to choose the best color of vertical blinds for your office, you should pick either white, gray, or blue. These are some popular color choices for these blinds that you can see in many offices.

Vertical blinds are popular for offering great privacy and light control. So, buying them for your office space is indeed a great decision and you can get a good value for money. No matter how much you wish to spend on blinds, you can afford to buy vertical blinds.    

2.2) Venetian Window Blinds for office

It’s another option that you can go for. Venetian and wooden blinds often feature horizontal slats that are made up of aluminum, faux wood, real wood, etc. These slats are meant to be held together through cords and they also tend to move up and down when you maximize and minimize the cord. One can tilt the slats 180 degrees, which helps you control the amount of light then enter your office premises.

Venetian blinds are also popular among office owners for their versatility as it helps you control the light by tilting the slats as well rather than only by raising the blinds. They are indeed quite useful in various office environments as you can control the light with the changing position of the sun throughout the day.

You can just tilt the slate inward in the early morning to warm up your room; you can then tilt it outward in the afternoon to prevent the sunlight from entering the premises. These blinds are made up of various materials when compared to those fabric blinds. You can also get the flexibility of choosing blinds to add a complete touch to make your workspace warm or cool.

Apart from this, these blinds are available in varieties of colors such as black, gray, and white which makes your office space aesthetically pleasing.

2.3) Roller Window Blinds For Office

Roller blinds are another option that you can go for. These blinds are made up of fabric and are also available in voile or blackout design. Roller blinds provide a completely sleek and also minimal aesthetic. This fabric rolls up on a headrail.

Therefore, they don’t take up as much as Roman blinds. You can use it for creating a complete statement piece just by selecting roller blinds in different patterns and colors or also you can stick to neutrals, especially if you create an understated office design.

You can select a blackout fabric for your office roller blinds, especially if you work in the evenings and also need to block out light from the streets. Moreover, if you plan to work during the day and wish to have light, but are not interested in dealing with glare, you can choose specific blinds made up of those fabrics that are translucent.

2.4) Roman Office Window Blinds

When it comes to Roman blinds, these are other popular office blinds that are made of larger pieces of fabric. They are available in translucent and voile fabrics that enable natural light to delicately filter into a complete room and also blackout fabrics that tend to block out light entirely.

This kind of style is specifically common for those commercial window blinds mainly because they tend to impart a sophisticated and elegant air. If you raise the blinds, these types of fabrics gently fold over and also create a layered look that’s fully reminiscent of the legal Renaissance style. 

2.5) Day and Night Window Blinds For Office

If you are looking for a versatile blind for your office space, you should go for none other than a day and night blinds. These types of office blinds mainly feature two alternate strips of fabric, which is generally translucent and other that is fully opaque. You can easily adjust the blinds to let light enter the room. In addition, you can also adjust blinds so the opaque fabric can block light if it causes glare.

office window blinds

3) How to Choose Window Blinds For Office?

You get plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying office window blinds. It can make you confused as well. So, you need to make the best selection and choose the right office window blind by considering the following factors. Take a look.

3.1) Safety

Safety is the first and the most important thing that you need to take into account when choosing office blinds. You need to keep in mind the safety of your and also your staff. You should always approach a trusted supplier to buy top-quality blinds.

3.2) Color

Color is one of the factors that you need to consider when choosing office window blinds. As mentioned, window blinds are available in different colors. You can go for the color that matches your office theme, logo color, branding, etc.

3.3) Operation

The next thing that you need to consider is operation when choosing office window blinds. When it comes to window blinds, these allow you to make certain adjustments to the heights of blinds. It helps you adjust the amount of light that enters your room.

As far as Venetian blinds are concerned, you can raise or lower blinds by pulling cords. Meanwhile, a wand enables you to get complete control over the orientation to those of slats for determining the brightness of your office premises.

3.4) Durability

Since you invest your hard-earned money in buying office blinds, you need to think about the durability of the products. Again, you need to approach a reliable seller to buy the best quality and highly durable blinds.

3.5) Privacy

You should choose blinds that provide full privacy. You should always go for blinds that provide enough privacy not only from external but internal factors as well. You can go for Venetian and vertical blinds for getting adequate privacy for managerial offices, meeting rooms, etc.

3.6) Cleaning & Maintenance 

You need to choose those blinds that prevent you from putting much effort into cleaning and maintenance. So, you need to always check for maintenance and cleaning needs of your blinds and then make the final selection.

3.7) Cost

Last but not least, the cost is one of the factors that you should always take into account to select the right blinds. You need to pick those blinds that are available within your budget.

4) Final Words

Offices are the place where we spend maximum time. So, you need to make it aesthetically pleasing. Office Window blinds are the best way to help you control the amount of light and get security, privacy, etc, apart from making your workspace a vibrating place. Choose the best office blinds that match your preferences.

5) FAQs about Office Window Blinds

5.1) Which Office window blinds are best for privacy?

If you are looking for ideal blinds that help you get adequate privacy, you should go for blackout roller blinds. These types of window treatments are designed in a way to block the external light and give you full privacy. 

5.2) What type of window blinds are in style for the office?

There are different types of window blinds that work perfectly for offices and add style and elegance. You can go either for roller, vertical, Venetian, or Roman blinds to install in your office and make it stylish.