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Get the best in quality pvc strip curtains to industries availability. we provide all types of pvc strip curtains.

PVC Strip Curtain​ Manufacturers in Bangalore

PVC strip curtains are necessary for many industrial and commercial facilities. The major purpose of using these products is to create a barrier and allow free flow of traffic be it foot traffic or even heavy machinery and equipment. PVC curtains are made up of materials that are flexible, durable, and resistant to dust, oil, chemicals, insects, etc.

We at DNS are one of the leading PVC strip curtain manufacturers in Bangalore and provide varieties of products that can cater to multiple needs of different industries. We use top-quality material and cutting-edge technology to manufacture high-quality PVC strip curtains that are available in different thicknesses, colors, and sizes for different door openings.

We provide the best quality PVC strip curtains for doors that one can easily install and maintain. You can install them smoothly. You can hang it on the top of the entrance by using various mounting brackets or hooks. You can clean these curtains by wiping them down with the use of a damp cloth or also can spray them with top-quality cleaning solutions.

Whether you are looking for PVC strip curtains for temperature control, creating a barrier against dust, or minimizing energy cost, we, as one of the reliable PVC strip curtain suppliers, are your one-stop destination to buy the right type of PVC strip curtains. Since these curtains are available with a higher insulation capability, they help in preventing cold from entering/escaping and thus help you control the temperature of your premises. 


Industrial PVC Strip Curtain​

Made up of PVC materials, PVC strip curtains are fully flexible and designed to hang from a rod or track. These are best for industrial and commercial spaces and offer a complete barrier between different areas.

You can use these curtains to keep dust and also various other types of contaminants out of your premises to make it clean. These curtains are best to fit any type of opening and can be installed with an easy process. These are also easy to maintain.

PVC strip curtains are also popular as strip doors or strip curtains and also are a great way of limiting the movements of pests or contaminants that occur in the indoor space of your commercial space. These curtains are indeed the right option for preventing cold or heat loss from several controlled temperature environments.

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Types Of Industrial PVC Strip Curtain

Anti Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain

If you’re looking for a way to keep insects out of your business area, an amber PVC strip curtain could be the perfect solution. This type of curtain is made of a special PVC material that is infused with a chemical, which is known to repel insects. Amber PVC strip curtains are also effective at blocking out dust and other airborne particles, making them ideal for use in industrial settings. The strips are also clear, so they won’t block your view or interfere with your lighting. They are easy to install. You can customize it to fit any door or window.

Polar Freezer PVC Strip Curtain

If you’re looking for a PVC strip curtain that can stand up to extreme cold, then the Polar Freezer PVC strip curtain is a great option. This type of PVC strip curtain is specifically designed for freezers and other cold storage areas, and it can help to keep your products and equipment from freezing. This type of PVC strip curtain is made from a durable material that can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Double Ribbed PVC Strip

If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting PVC strip curtain, then you should consider a double ribbed PVC strip curtain. These curtains are available with two layers of PVC material, which makes them much more resistant to tearing and wear and tear. They’re also great at insulating against both heat and cold, so they can help keep your electricity bills down. This type of PVC strip curtain is made with two layers of PVC material, which makes it much more resistant to tearing and wear and tear. Double ribbed PVC strip curtains are also great at providing a barrier against drafts, dust, and other airborne particles.

Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtain

Welding-grade PVC strip curtains are made of a thicker, more durable material than standard PVC strip curtains. These curtains are designed to withstand the high temperatures and sparks generated by welding equipment. Welding grade PVC strip curtains can help to create a safer work environment by keeping welding sparks and debris contained. Welding-grade PVC strip curtains are a great choice for welding shops, foundries, and other industrial applications where there is a risk of fire or high temperatures.
Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtain

Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtain

For high-traffic regions, the yellow plastic door strips are appropriate. They are visible from far away, they regulate air pollution, and keep insects away. The plastic curtains are also useful for noise reduction. They are not difficult to install and have curved corners that lessen the risk of injury. The color helps to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.


How Does a PVC Strip Curtain Works

The major advantage of PVC curtains is that they are a perfect insulator of heat. These curtains are made up of materials that are useful for creating strip curtains that can prevent heat transfer from one side to the next. This is the reason why these curtains are often appropriate for an environment that needs to control the temperature.

1) Hang on the Top of Doors

PVC curtains are made up of several PVC strips attached and installed to a track system on the top portion of the main entrance. When PVC strips overlap each other, it forms a seamless barrier. 

2) Pushed Aside and Fall Back

Strips are often pushed aside to create an opening when a person or any object passes through the main entrance. It helps traffic pass through the main entrance without any hindrance. Once the object or an individual passes through the main entrance, the strip comes to the same position.

3) Allow Natural Light to Enter

PVC strip curtains are transparent that permit natural light to come inside the premises. It also helps in minimizing the necessity of artificial lighting, especially during the day. It’s also helpful in minimizing energy costs as well. 

4) Adjust Based on your needs

The major benefit of PVC strip materials is that you can adjust them as per your needs. For instance, you can use thicker strips in those areas that accommodate heavy equipment and machinery. As far as the thinner strip is concerned, it’s appropriate for those locations that allow only foot traffic to pass. 

5) Serve Varieties of Purposes

PVC curtains serve a range of purposes be it for noise reduction, temperature control, pest control, etc. You can easily create a barrier between these areas with the use of PVC strip curtains, which also lets you enjoy a soothing working environment while minimizing energy consumption as well.

Installation process of PVC Strip curtains

PVC curtains installation is not beyond skills task, and you will learn here simple steps to install them in the right way.

  • The first is, taking measurements of the area where you want to install.
  • You need to cut the exact length by looking at the places for installation
  • Install the bracket above the door or window that you are going to fix.
  • Using some screws, secure the PVC strip curtains to the bracket.
  • Place the strips closer together to prevent dust from entering the room.
  • Once you follow these steps, it is easy to install and ready to use.

How to Clean PVC Strip Curtains

It is essential to clean the PVC curtains as you need to keep the place to look good and avoid insects and other things to ruin the place.

  • The first is that you don’t need to remove the curtains to clean.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean on both sides.
  • After cleaning with a wet cloth, use a dry cloth once again to clean the water spots on PVC curtains.
  • If they are dirtier in look and not easy to clean from their place, then you need to take off and wash according to your comfort with vessels like bucket.
  • It may be one or two hours to soak in water and clean it with a wet cloth first and a dry cloth finally.
  • After washing, keep curtains back on brackets. Washable PVC Strip curtains are always helpful as a money-saving policy.

Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains

Take a look at some of the most promising advantages of PVC curtains.

  • It can control the temperature effectively
  • It requires less maintenance cost
  • It can isolate noise
  • It minimizes the movements of contaminants
  • It improves your employee’s comfort
  • It’s cost-efficient

Industries We Serve

food processing

Food Processing Industry

We serve the food industry with top-quality PVC strip curtains. You can get the best curtains based on the requirements for your facilities.

Automobile Industry

We are one of well-known manufacturers and dealers of PVC curtains to the automobile industry while ensuring products are fully chemicals and oils resistant, and highly durability.

Cold Storage Industry

Get our PVC curtains that include the capability of maintaining temperature control and enhancing energy efficiency. We provide curtains that work effectively to provide greater insulation.

Hotel and Restaurant

We provide the best PVC curtains for hotels and restaurants, which help separate different dining areas, control temperature, privacy, etc.


We are a leading manufacturer of PVC strip curtains for airports. Our curtains are durable, temperature controlled, energy controlled, easy to maintain and clean, etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We provide good quality PVC strip curtains for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products are chemical resistant, easy to clean, etc.

Engineering Industry

Get high-grade PVC strip materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. We provide width strips and thickness of curtains based on your specific needs.

Textile Industry

We understand the importance of PVC strip curtains in the textile industry and provide highly durable products that can easily control dust, debris, etc.

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As mentioned above, PVC strip curtains are the right options to use in industries and warehouses. The main purpose of using these products is to create a partition between two areas. It prevents you from physically opening gates for giving way to equipment or humans.

There are many regular places that also use these products. These places are paint workshops, warehouse cold storage, shipping plants, restaurants, auto body shops, grocery storage rooms, and pharmaceutical and food plants.

Warranty up to 3 to 4 years for PVC strip curtains

If you keep PVC Strip Curtain in direct sunlight, it will become light yellowish after some time.

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