PVC strip curtains for Automobile industry are one of the most popular types of curtains that work well for the prevention of your premises from pests, contaminants, etc. Whether you wish to control heat or cold in your premises, it helps you do things most effectively. In other words, PVC curtains are good options for managing the temperature inside your space.

The most interesting fact about PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) strip curtains is you can use them for multipurpose. These curtains are best for industrial use. Many industries are using PVC strip curtains – Automobiles are one of those.

Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains for the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry uses PVC strip curtains to a wider extent for various purposes including powder coating zone, welding areas, painting zone, washing bays, engine assembly shop floors, and more. Since these curtains are flexible, one can install them most easily. Let’s discuss here some of the other great advantages of these pvc curtains for the automobile industry. Take a look.

1. Protection from Heat and Spark

PVC strip curtains are the best option for getting protection from heat, light, and spark. The welding zone of any automobile business is prone to this and catches fire many times. It incurs heavy losses for the business.

To prevent this, you can install top-quality Automobile PVC strip curtains. It prevents sparks, light, and heat from affecting the adjoining areas and thus gives complete protection from fire. Be it an auto body shop, refrigerated vehicles, vehicle washing bays, vehicle assembly areas, or powder coating zones, these curtains are perfect for every area. You can also install it in washing bays and painting areas as well for getting prevention from dust and several other particles.

2. Good for Monitoring

Another advantage of using a PVC strip curtain is that it works great for monitoring, observation, and visibility. The reason is these curtains are transparent and allow you to see from one side to another.

So, it eases out complications in monitoring and thus helps you keep your work hassle-free. It lets you implement better practices. And this is the reason why it witnesses its growing demand. You can also install the curtain in customer waiting areas.

3. Separation of Areas

Another advantage of PVC strip curtains is these are the best options for separating different areas. They also allow you to get easy access points for vehicles. Apart from this, it also provides you better protection for workers and also various crucial equipment and tools from dust. It also gives better prevention from cross-contamination.

To ensure the quality of service, the auto body shop performs various functions pressurized water sprays, chemical cleaning solutions, and various other substances that provide top-quality services. They can make the best use of PVC curtains for keeping these types of solutions in one area and also avoid spreading to various other locations.

4. Safe Transportation

The use of these types of curtains ensures fully safe transportation. These types of curtains enable you to transport especially those perishable commodities safely by controlling temperature. It makes the products fresh even during long commutes.

5. Easy to Install

As we mentioned already, these curtains are flexible. This is the reason why one can install it hassle-free. You can install it whenever and wherever needed. You can find these curtains with industrial grade, durable PVC material, made up of heavy-duty, and multi applications. 

How Effective are PVC Curtains in Automobiles?

Well, PVC strip curtains are the most effective solutions for the automobile. As discussed already, it’s used for multi-purposes in automobiles and thus helps them carry out their operation smoothly. Apart from auto body shops, you can use it for various other purposes as well, including refrigerated vehicles, vehicle assembling areas, and many more.

As we also discussed above, refrigerated vehicles use these types of curtains for the safe transportation of perishable products. These are a good option, especially for long commutes. Besides, it also works well for the prevention of contamination and debris.


PVC curtains in automobile industry witnessed its growing demand for being the most appropriate option. These curtains are highly durable and offer you better value for your money. It’s wise to approach only a reliable brand to buy these curtains.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are PVC strip curtains?

Strip doors or curtains are also popular as PVC strip curtains. These prevent the movement of external elements, pests, or contaminants inside your premises. These curtains are effective for controlling temperature by letting inner air inside and preventing external air from coming inside. These strip curtains are good for industry including automobiles.

2. Who are the top manufacturers of automobile PVC strip curtains in India?

Well, many reputed brands manufacture PVC strip curtains – DNSBSS is one of those. The Bangalore-based company manufactures top-quality PVC curtains that offer numerous benefits to the automobile industry. The curtains are available at a range of prices.