The balcony is the best place to enjoy the rainy season. Sitting on a balcony and 

enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the rain is something that excites everyone. Watching every drop of rain from the balcony gives you a peaceful mind and encourages you to behold the natural scenery as much as possible.

But things become unpleasant when rainwater enters your balcony and this prevents you from getting the full enjoyment of the monsoon season. So, you may be wondering how to stop rainwater from entering the balcony of your apartment.

You need to do some preparation to negate the possibility of stopping rainwater from entering your balcony. The reason is heavy downpour during monsoon season is fully unpredictable. It’s certainly difficult to make an exact prediction of the extremity of a downpour, which is the reason why you should figure out a way for protecting your balcony from rainwater.

You must design your balcony in a way to get the most out of the rainy season. We will discuss here some of the tips as well to help you to Prevent Rain Water From Entering Balcony.

What are the Issues that may Cause by Water Dripping from Balcony? 

Water dripping from the balcony is the biggest headache that the majority of people face. The main reason for this is low-quality construction. There’s the possibility that your builders may have not used top-quality materials. This is the prime reason for water leakage from your balcony.

This is a problem that you can’t avoid for a long time. Continuous water dripping from your balcony tends to weaken its overall structure and it will put you in danger. It increases moisture level, which further brings a lot of problems and makes your life more complicated.

Water leakage from your balcony not only affects your property but affects your neighbor’s property as well, especially when water leaks below your balcony. It makes your balcony prone to breed bacteria and viruses that make you ill and unhealthy.

So, you need to get the right solutions to get rid of this type of problem as soon as possible.   

How to Prevent Rain Water from Entering Balcony

Take a look at several ways that you can go to get better protection for your balcony during monsoon season. Take a look.

1) Bamboo Blinds

The first option that you can go for is bamboo blinds that provide a fully sustainable option for keeping rainwater away from your balcony. All you need to do is to choose the right blinds that include an exterior waterproof coating. Therefore, it can easily withstand the sun, apart from rainwater.

The other reason for using bamboo blinds for your balcony is it works great for ethnic décor. When you pull it down, the sunlight enters through it, and coming to your balcony looks fabulous. Meanwhile, it may not offer you full protection from rainwater since it has gaps between different slats.

2) Installation of Roof Cover

The next thing that you need to do is install a roof cover on your balcony that also ensures complete protection from rainwater. This is something that you can’t do on your own and need professional assistance. So, you should approach a reliable professional for this job.

You can also go for a gazebo for getting the perfect solution for the same. You can go for getting a gazebo-like structure that is developed with PVC is indeed a great idea. It looks awesome and adds an extra ‘wow’ factor to your home as well.

As far as transparent PVC is concerned, it enables you to visualize and enjoy the waterfall on the gazebo’s roof.

3) Rain Curtains

Using top-quality rain curtains is also a good idea for the same. It also gives you better protection of your balcony from rough downpours in the easiest way. They are available in different prints as well as colors. Outdoor blinds, on the other hand, are a good option and they offer you complete protection from the sun during the summer season. 

4) Go for Undercover

You will come across a range of choices when it comes to covering your balcony ranging from awnings to full-roof covers. Several retractable all-weather awnings are generally made up of acrylic-coated synthetic fabrics. The awning is available in different materials and colors. Therefore, you get complete liberty to choose the best option based on your preference.

5) Glass Screens

Glass screens are an ideal solution not only for getting the protection of your balcony from rainwater but also to help you make it fully fashionable. Since glass screens are fully transparent, they help you enjoy the outdoor view hassle-free. It also lets natural light come into your balcony and prevents your balcony from getting cramped.  

6) Weather-Proof Fabrics

Fabrics are popular as mildew resistant. They also possess the water-proofing characteristic. Those cushions made up of polyurethane form enable water to flow freely through. Besides, you also need to make sure fabrics used in various cushion covers and upholstery are fully acrylic fabrics that are moisture-proof.

Things to Consider Before Installing Covering Materials to Balcony

So, you have finally decided to cover your balcony to prevent rainwater from coming into it, right? Well, you may be thinking about what you should keep in mind for covering your balcony. We will discuss here some of the crucial things that you need to take into account for the installation of covering materials on your balcony. Take a look.

1) Size of Balcony

Before you cover your balcony with the right materials, you need to first take a final measurement of the size of your balcony. Only then, you will be able to choose the best covering materials with an exact size that perfectly fits your balcony and helps you get rid of entering rainwater on your balcony.

2) Choose the Right Type of Covering Materials

When it comes to making a selection of the best materials for covering your balcony, you will definitely have a plethora of options. All you need to do is to choose the right materials that are fully waterproofing and can block water completely from entering your balcony. PVC materials are fully waterproof and indeed can be the right option for you. 

3) Durability

No matter which window covering materials you are interested in buying, you need to make sure they are highly durable. Since you invest a lot of money in buying balcony covering materials, you should buy durable materials that offer you complete value for money.

4) Cost

Cost is another crucial factor that you need to keep in mind for balcony covering. You will come across covering materials that are available at different price ranges. So, you need to choose the right one that is available within your budget.

Final Words

So, after going through the above discussion, you may now have a clear idea in terms of the way to protect your balcony from rainwater. All you need to do is to invest in the right quality covering made up of fully waterproof materials. You can also opt for professional assistance for getting the best solutions.

FAQs on Preventing Rain Water From Entering Balcony

1. How to protect windows from rainwater?

Well, rainwater tends to damage your window. So, you need to ensure full protection of your windows from rainwater in several ways including using storm shutters, security window film, adding plywood, roof safety, tempered glass windows, and more. 

2. How do you keep water from getting into glass windows?

It’s a good idea to use glass protection to keep water from getting into the glass of your windows. Using water-repellent products is indeed a great idea for preventing your windows once they get fully wet.   

3. Why does the window leak when it rains?

An improper overhung or insufficient overhang on your window sills can be the prime cause of window leakage, especially during the rainy season. Improper construction quality is one of the reasons for window leakage.