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Pleated Mosquito Nets for Windows

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Pleated Mosquito Net

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The pleated mosquito net is an effective mesh that consists of many strips of metal wire or aluminum or steel metal wire which are woven together to flow air through the window or door while preventing flying insects. The pleated mosquito nets have become popular due to the nature of protection.

They are not only restricted to windows but also widely used for doors these days. Everyone wants an insect-free environment in your home or office.

During the summer season, mosquitoes will trouble more and disturb people by entering through windows and doors. You have to find a permanent solution for mosquitoes as they cause life-threatening diseases.

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Benefits of Pleated Mosquito Net

  • Pleated mosquito nets are particularly apt for the area that needs ventilation and to be adjusted to get sunlight.
  • The pleated fabric can be operated from top to down in a few seconds by simply pulling the strands. These features can protect during the incessant rains and gusty winds.
  • Pleated mosquito nets for windows or doors will come with premium quality metal finishes as well as powder-coated colors that can match your interior designs and other structures.
  • Thus, you can understand that we will be able to provide customized products to suit any interior design and color scheme.
  • Pleating designs are available in perfect styles, and we offer custom pleats in different styles and shapes to install in the right way at any opening or window.
  • Architectural projects are incomplete today without pleated mesh. The majority of the architects have advised installing pleated mosquito nets at their homes because of the necessity created. An array of colors and multiple designs are available to suit your taste for your place.
  • Pleated mosquito nets require no maintenance and are rust-free which means they don’t need painting. Most of these nets come with aluminum so re-coating is not required.
  • Pleated nets offer both ventilation and insect protection. The pleated stands of metal wire are woven designs with fabric that will allow air through the door to repel tiny insects that cause more health hazards.
  • The design patterns are suggested by professionals so you can assure the nets to rejuvenate soon after coming home.

Why do you prefer pleated mosquito nets over fly insect killers?

  • Pleated insect screens are the right option to repel mosquitos or other harmful insects. Especially during the summer, there is no stopping for mosquitos to feast on your blood.
  • When summer comes, scorching heat creates a lot of issues. On the other hand, mosquitos will be tormenting at night and unable to sleep.
  • You might have experienced using electric mosquito bats and other devices. Now, installing pleated mosquito nets is the perfect solution to have a peaceful sleep at night.
  • Pleated mosquito nets have unique characteristics such as being comfortable in using and safe from insects, being easy to install, and looking elegant. The pleated mosquito nets come with high-end quality aluminum that can deliver standard functionality for a long time.
  • Pleated mosquito nets are the best solutions for your homes as they are lightweight in design, easy to install, and have no maintenance. Having kids at home can be more problematic during summer as mosquitoes will evade into bedrooms and cause a lot of damage to kids. Thus, installing pleated nets is indispensable.
  • You can decide two types of measurements; The mosquito nets can be designed on given measurements in the order form. The second one is, you decrease 3 millimeters compared to the box size of the fitting area.
  • There are several designs of pleated insect nets. These are optimal solutions for all the building space – horizontal, vertical, bilateral, and central. As per your choice, you can choose to install at home.

Pleated Mosquito nets’ functionality and colors:

  • Pleated mosquito nets of the horizontal opening are aptly fit for all types of doors and windows. Their functionality and protection methods draw the attention of the people with their performance on allowing the passage of air through doors or windows and preventing pests. Thus, you can enjoy not only summer but also winter and rainy seasons from mosquitos and other insects.
  • Besides designs and models, people like to know the possible colors of the devices to install to match their interior designs. As we mentioned above aluminum is the main metal that comes to use for designing pleated mosquito nets. it has an array of colors such as:
    • Matte ivory, painted silver
    1. creamy white, matte white
    2. heavy bronze painted bronze
    3. Chestnut Ponzio
    4. Dark micaceous iron
  • Net colors are offered by standard gray and if you want to go with other colors with the same price, you have options like;

    • Natural white, navy blue
    • Grey
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Emerald green
    • You might be thinking that pleated mosquito nets are safe for children and elderly people or not. You need to worry about kids and old citizens.
  • Maintenance and installation
    • If you are able to follow the instructions guide, it is fine but, need the help of store staff, they are available to assist you.
    • The maintenance of pleated mosquito nets have a strong nature as they are made of aluminum which does not require special attention all the time. Taking a damp sponge with soapy water can clean all the parts of nets to keep the air flow inside. Proper cleaning will help you have clear functionality.
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Yes, you can use them without hesitation. Manufacturers design these nets keeping in mind about all the places of home. According to your place, ask for customized nets so that manufactures design and deliver you. Installation is an option for you whether staff required or can do from your end.

Non-toxic material is used in pleated nets so you don’t have to bother about the doors or windows slamming on the fingers of children. There is a cord pulley system and not a spring system so it is easy to operate by children too. They can enjoy using instead of facing issues from nets.

Yes, we give warranty upto seven years and some products have 10 years warranty. It depends on the product and price. Most of the products are designed from aluminum and function without any difficulty.

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