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Outdoor Blinds For Balcony In Bangalore

If you are looking forward to elevating the look of your Balcony or terrace, cafeteria with Blinds, Outdoor blinds are the Best way to go.

Outdoor Blinds for Balcony

Manufacturers In Bangalore

As the name suggests, outdoor blinds are types of blinds that are designed for covering balconies from the outside. These blinds are designed to cover the exterior of the building for preventing heat from getting in direct touch with terrace, balconies, etc.. These blinds are also helpful in keeping heat and dust out of your home and maintaining a pleasant environment.

Using outdoor blinds helps you keep heat out and cool air inside your indoor space. These are also good to block harmful sun rays from entering the premises of your home and thus give you full protection.

Be it commercial or residential use,Balcony outdoor blinds are perfect for both and also are a good option for you for different purposes. As far as café blinds are concerned, these are typically made up of PVC plastic and provide you complete year-round protection from the different elements and also those of unwanted insects.

It tends to keep warmth inside especially during the winter season and also a cool interior with the reflection of heat when the outside temperature is too hot.

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Types of Outdoor Balcony Blinds

PVC Outdoor Blinds

If you look for a fully unobstructed view of your backyard or garden, you should consider purchasing none other than PVC blinds. These blinds are indeed inexpensive but perform an outstanding job and offer complete protection to your patio from harsh weather. If we talk about PVC plastic material, it’s both stylish and also highly durable.

PVC blinds are designed in a way to install directly on the exterior walls of your home. It doesn’t require any mechanism, pulleys, or strings for obstructing views. Some PVC blinds are available with features like SPF protection, which keeps you away from harmful sunlight that includes ultraviolet rays.

Monsoon Outdoor Blinds

If you are looking for long-lasting, versatile, and strong outdoor blinds, you need to go for monsoon blinds. These blinds are waterproof and offer complete protection against rainy weather and also all types of weather conditions. It also has a completely transparent view.

Outdoor transparent balcony blinds and shades are fully sealed panel-wise and thus can damage and one can easily repair by merely replacing a panel rather than replacement of the entire blind.

Blackout PVC Blinds

When it comes to outdoors PVC blinds, these are an appropriate way for covering certain bigger areas such as Terrace, Utility, Balcony, and more. They are available in different designs and shades to choose from.

These types of outdoor PVC blinds are good for protecting directly from harsh sunlight from entering the room and also for ensuring complete privacy. These types of blinds also give you full protection from the wind and heavy rain.

These types of exterior PVC blinds are popular for being moisture-resistant and to heat and also will not crack or fade. They are easy for cleaning with the use of a damping cloth.

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds For Balcony

Now, let’s discuss here different types of outdoor blinds that you can use based on your actual requirements. Take a look.

Get Protection from Harsh Weather

When you use a top-quality outdoor blind, it gives you complete protection from rain, wind, and also harmful sunlight. It helps you enjoy all seasons, apart from letting you entertain and enjoy all types of guests even when the outside temperature is too hot or cold.

Increase your Space

The next advantage of using outdoor blinds is it helps you increase your space. If you notice your commercial and outdoor blocks getting small size, you can use outdoor blinds to increase the space by covering the patio and also verandah areas for bringing you more usable space.

Keep Insects and Flies Away

Another advantage that you can avail of by using outdoor blinds is it helps you keep insects and flies away from your space and keep you fully secured and healthy. It even prevents small flies from entering your space and gives you a perfect solution when you look for the best option to make your space insect free.


These blinds are highly versatile in terms of size, space, and color. It means that you can easily find the right type of blind based on your needs and also can match your décor. It indeed improves the aesthetics of the outdoor area of space.

Add Value to your Space

As mentioned, outdoor blinds are available in varieties of styles and colors, you can buy the right type of blind based on your choice. It helps you improve the appearance and also space of your home, which also works effectively in encouraging those many potential buyers.

Secure your Privacy

Well, it’s an added advantage of these types of blinds. While purchasing, you will come across a range of block-out blinds with different colors that not only appear perfect but also provide you with a greater level of privacy.

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Why Outdoor Blinds for Balcony?

  • Minimalist, Luxury, efficient, built to last
  • Control Light and Privacy
  • Available in a wide variety of modern finishes.
  • Cutdown Energy Cost
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Outdoor blinds are a type of blinds that one can use to cover outdoor space. These types of blinds can easily fit the outside space of your building to prevent heat from making direct contact with the outdoor space. So, these blinds are a good option to keep cool air coming inside while keeping heat away. These are also perfect for blocking sunlight from entering your internal space.

Well, outdoor blinds are available in different types including PVC Blinds, Gear Tensioned Outdoor Blinds, Motorized Shade Blinds, Blackout PVC Blinds, Bamboo Blinds, Monsoon Blinds, External Venetian Blinds, and External Plantation Shutters


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