The global pandemic caused by COVID changed the way people live their life. People nowadays seek to stay in a hygienic place for the sake of their better health. They are now ready to take all safety measures and find several ways to protect themselves from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Air curtains ensure their better protection from viruses and insects and help them live their life safely.  So, you may be curious to know about air curtains, and How do air curtain work, benefits of air curtain right? Well, air curtains are a device, which is also popular as an air door.

What is an Air Curtain?

This device is installed on the top portion of the entrance of your home or any building. It blows fully controlled air on many people or things that pass through the entrance. It’s useful in removing any type of debris or dust and keeps your home completely safe and secure.

The air through this device generally blows through the downward area. It helps ensure that any type of debris doesn’t enter the premises of your building and also tends to be left behind at the entrance. It ensures that the concerned space is not infiltrated or contaminated by any pollutants or insects.

How Do Air Curtain Work?

So, you may be excited to know how the air curtain works. Let’s explore the relevant information without wasting time.

Air curtain include sensor-based protection and it works accordingly. Whenever the sensor detects any kind of movement caused by entering, existing, or walking by persons, it starts blowing controlled steamed air.

As mentioned, it blows air in a downward direction. The device ensures that the air that it blows works as a barrier between the outside and inside premises of your home or building. The barrier serves its ultimate purpose of limiting the airflow between two different spaces.

How air curtain works-infographic

The airflow is indeed highly strong since it requires to be pushed-down debris that tends to contain potential contaminants. Air curtains help keep these kinds of debris at the entrance to prevent any contamination and also for the protection of premises from infiltration of insects, germs, dust, etc.

Air curtains are the best alternative for various traditional types of doors. The main reason for this air curtain tends to limit the capability of contamination or also pollutants from entering any space.

As mentioned, this type of device is generally mounted on the heated side of the doorways. So, you can use this device in the following ways to gain maximum benefit of this.

1) Open Doorway

Installation of air curtains on the open door is the right way of using this device. It enables steam air to run continuously throughout the warehouse, retail space, and also work environment where temperature regulation is necessary. It helps in keeping warm air inside and keeping cold air outside.

2) Behind a Closed Door

If you use your air curtain in this way, it works as a second line of defense behind your door. It means that the air curtain is activated when doors get opened. This is the most effective way for pushing air outside for a few seconds until the door gets closed.

Benefits of Air Curtains

Air curtains offer numerous advantages if installed properly. Let’s understand the benefits pointwise to grasp everything about Why Use an Air Curtain?

1. Maintain Temperature

An air curtain blows a controlled steam air that works as a barrier and thus prevents indoor air from going outside. This kind of air seal helps maintain and also contain the temperature inside your premises. This is one of the most promising advantages of this type of device. 

Since it maintains the temperature most effectively, you don’t need to use an air conditioner system to control the room temperature. It also creates an eco-friendly, convenient, and energy-efficient environment for everyone.

2. Less Contamination

As mentioned above, the air curtain blows air downward, it focuses on people and also several other things that tend to cross the entrance of various premises. It enables air curtains to blow down any type of debris at the entrance of your building.

It’s helpful in air curtains in minimizing the rate of exchange of germs or also the rate of debris or dust. It helps the air curtain for maintaining a healthy environment by making it less infiltrated or contaminated with germs or dust. 

3. Boost Productivity

If you install air curtains in your office space, it helps you increase the productivity of your employees and thus helps your business grow. As we already discussed, it works effectively in controlling the room temperature and maintaining hygiene, it helps your employees feel better and focus on their work.

Besides, air curtains also block the outside noise and thus prevent your employee from getting distracted. So, it helps your employees boost their productivity and take your business to the next level.

4. Reduce Energy Bill

As we already discussed, air curtains block internal air from going outside and outside air from going inside. Since air remains inside, you don’t need to switch on your air conditioner every time to keep your space cool. If you use your air less, it reduces your electricity bills. And thus, it helps you save your hard-earned money.

5. Eco-Friendly

We are already familiar with various features of air curtains, which make them fully popular. If we talk about one of its leading features, its capability of containing the temperature of your space. As we already mentioned above how this device helps in reducing electricity bills, and this is the reason why air curtains are popular for being an eco-friendly product.

6. Keep Customers Comfortable and Happy

If you own a restaurant, it’s your responsibility to let your customers feel comfortable 

and happy by offering them a pleasurable environment. And the most interesting thing about air curtains is they are helpful for you in keeping your customers happy and enjoyable.

Since air curtains keep your premise cold in summer, it makes your customers feel better and they enjoy their stay at your restaurant. During the winter season, these devices keep the inside area of your restaurant warm and thus make it a fully enjoyable place for your customers as well.

In other words, air curtains work most effectively in both winter and summer seasons and help you gain more customers to make your business profitable.

7. Free Flow of Traffic at Restaurants and Shops

The major advantage of the installation of air curtain in your restaurant is that owners can facilitate the free flow of traffic. Air curtain are capable of maintaining the inside temperature of your restaurant even if you open the main entrance for a long time.

So, it helps your customers know whether your restaurant is open or not. More and more, the open door of the restaurant is also a good gesture that improves the inflow of customers. Therefore, a proper installation of an air curtain ensures a quick inflow of traffic into your restaurant or shop and also keeps indoor temperature fully controlled.

Final Words

Hope you learnt about how do air curtain work and benefits of air curtain. Investing in an air curtain is a wise decision in many ways, apart from keeping your space safe and hygienic. Be it your own house, office, shop, or restaurant, you can install air curtains to gain maximum benefits. All you need to choose the right type of air curtains to gain maximum benefit of it.

FAQs On Basics of Air Curtain:

1. What is an air curtain?

Also popular as an air door, an air curtain is a machine that helps prevent insects, viruses, contaminants, debris, etc. coming from the indoor space. It makes your indoor space safe, healthy, and insect-free. It’s mounted on the main entrance of your home or restaurant and blows air downward. It helps you maintain the indoor temperature and make you fully comfortable and stay healthy. 

2. Where to use the air curtain?

The best place to use air curtains over the door is to gain maximum benefits of the same. you can use air curtain in schools, restaurant, showroom, cold storage ware house, and any crowded inhouse areas Once you install it in a proper way and at the right place, it creates a robust air seal for keeping dirt and debris out of your inside premises. Besides, if you install this device properly, it also helps you save your business money and also minimizes the amount of heat loss through open doors.