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High-Speed Hand Dryer for Commercial Bathrooms

We produce various types of hand dryers, such as high-speed, low-energy, and automatic models, for commercial and industrial use in bathrooms, restaurants, and public restrooms.

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Restroom hand dryers have got a place in almost every corporate company today. High-technology products can dry away wet hands after coming from the loo within a few seconds. The warm air dryer rushes over damp hands and makes you feel contentment. Whenever you come from the washroom, you will feel fuzzy, and a smile creeps on your lips.

This is all because of replacing the old way of drying hands with towels or kerchiefs from pockets. If you are supported to greet the right exit from the washroom, your hands are still wet, which will make them wait. There is no option for you. If you have a hand dryer, it won’t happen and greet them after using the hand dryer.


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Why to Use Hand Dryers?

  • A paperless workplace is essential for us. Is it not so? The world is gradually changing with each passing day. The impact on our lifestyle is changing too.
  • Every step that you, your company owner, government, and your neighbor take will make a difference.
  • Therefore, when your boss installs a hand dryer in the washroom, you should be happy and take it as a prerogative to use it.
  • It is essential to use a hand dryer rather than following the old tradition of towels or a kerchief at the workplace.
  • The reason for installing hand dryers at the office is to maintain cleanliness and keep dry hands on computers.
  • If you use computers with damp hands it looks unprofessional as there is a chance of damage to systems. On the other hand, walking or sitting in the office with wet hands will be awkward to others.
  • Therefore, hand dryers in an office environment will be good for you and your office property.

Benefits of using hand dryers

  • The bathroom is one of the necessary segments of the office. So, incorporating some unique technology-related elements in it can improve its functionality. Installing a hand dryer in the bathroom can elevate the look and add a hygiene factor.
  • The disease control board advised washing hands with soap and water for a couple of minutes. It is the best way to fight against diseases and viruses.
  • It is also essential to dry your hands properly as the transmission of viruses attacks wet skin more than dry skin. Damp hands can spread diseases much faster while dry hands can prevent them.
  • Hence, it is to understand that drying hands after coming from the loo is an integral part of the hygiene step in healthcare.
  • According to research, washing hands with soap and water then drying hands will effectively remove bacteria from hands.

Types of Hand Dryers

After hand dryers entered into the market, there was a big debate among the people about which product is better: hand dryers or paper towels.

When it comes to hand dryers, there are two models available in the market: warm air model and high-speed model.

At present high-speed hand dryers are widely used as these are built with high-end technology to feel comfortable.

What is the Speed of hand dryers?

Within 10 seconds, your hands will dry up. If you are planning to purchase, try to find the right one which works effectively and dry-up your hands below 10 seconds.

Noise: gone were the days when people used noisy dryers. Now, modern machines have high-end technology wherein you find less noise while working. Currently, people are preferring these noiseless machines at their working places.

How Much Do hand Dryers Cost?

Almost a decade back, hand dryers were expensive, but the equipment developed for hand dryers is affordable for anybody to buy and use at home or office. A few things that you need to consider before buying hand dryers, like power consumption, longevity, and maintenance. These are the factors that you need to keep in mind.

These are the major benefits of hand dryers usage in malls, offices, and homes. It is a long-term solution for a healthy lifestyle for people who want to avoid unexpected diseases.

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As we discussed above, hand dryers are electronic devices that are used in officers, public places, schools, and malls. The literal meaning of a high-speed hand dryer is that it is quick to dry your hands.

Present technology has changed the system, and you don’t find more noise although high pressure is coming out. Therefore, you no need to worry, and it is normal noise only.

No maintenance for hand dryers, and longevity in usage. There is no environmental impact. You can use it for a long time without any maintenance.

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Hand Dryer for Commercial Bathrooms