When it comes to PVC strip curtains, these are considered to be one of the best options that one can use for different purposes in industrial workplace environments. It’s popular as a water and air-tight material and also PVC provides a complete thermal insulation characteristic. This Complete Guide to PVC Strip Curtains for commercial use can give you a better understanding on its types and its benefits.

Apart from offering you sunlight protecting and controlling temperature, PVC strip curtains also include a good characteristic of absorbing sound and also insulate noise. Besides, it also protects those workers from accessing noise levels that can make people tired and also can’t communicate well with others.

In the market, you will come across a range of UV stabilizers that can inhibit polymer degradation and also ensure complete transparency. Its performance also degrades with time.

Apart from this, PVC is also known to be cadmium free and contains low toxicity. You will be able to find various PVC curtains that are compliant, silicone-free, and also fully resistant to a wide range of abrasion and also chemicals. The major advantage of PVC curtains is that you can use them for different environments.

These are some of the crucial features of PVC strip curtains that are perfect for use as both internal and external thermal partitions and also work as a barrier against insects, fumes, birds, etc.    

What are PVC Curtains?

PVC strip curtains are used for a wide range of purposes in industrial workplace environments. As it is an air and water-tight material, PVC offers excellent thermal insulation properties.

It also works well as a sound absorber and noise insulator, protecting workers from excessive noise levels which could result in tiredness and misunderstandings in communication.

Some PVC strip curtains contain UV stabilizers that inhibit polymer degradation, ensuring that transparency and performance are not degraded over time. The strip curtains are also silicone-free, REACH compliant, and resistant to a wide range of chemicals and abrasion.

With a working temperature range of -15°C to +50°C or -40°C to +50°C for Polar freezer pvc strip curtains, PVC strip curtains can be used in a wide variety of environments. These features make PVC strip curtains ideal for use as internal and external thermal partitions and as a barrier against fumes, dust, insects, and birds.

Types of PVC Strip Curtains

Take a look at the different types of PVC strip curtains that can match your different requirements.

1. Transparent PVC Strip Curtain Door

While talking about different types of PVC curtains, it’s crucial to start from none other than a transparent PVC strip curtain door. These curtains are considered to be a perfect choice for those in wide open work environments for keeping out noise, dust, and debris. They are useful for temperature control and help you in doing the same most effectively.

So, PVC strip curtain doors are also considered to be the best for energy conservation as well. And also is fully sustainable. These curtains are available with two-way visibility with complete transparency. These curtains are fully flexible. 

2. PVC Strip Curtain Door Bulk Roll

It’s always a good idea to purchase PVC strip curtains especially if you give a lot of space for coverage. It offers the same kinds of advantages as those of single PVC strip curtains. In this, it’s fully transparent on both sides that work for better prevention of collisions and also a workplace for injuries.

Besides, it also provides complete noise and dust-proof canceling abilities for minimizing noise pollution and also helps you when it comes to maintaining a fully organized, safe, easy-flowing, and clean environment.

3. Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain

Well, if you are looking for a PVC strip curtain with heavy weight, you should go for none other than a double ribbed PVC strip curtain. It helps you control temperature and also helps you in dust exclusion between different areas of a warehouse. These strip curtains are the most appropriate for doors where you will not observe the frequent movement of trolleys, machines, forklifts, and others.

Materials Used for Manufacturing PVC Curtains?

As the name suggests itself, PVC strip curtains are made up of fully flexible PVC.  The main reason for the same is it is capable of offering complete acoustic and thermal insulation. Since PVC is fully transparent, it’s the most appropriate material that one can use for different types of industrial strip curtains.

It gives you a perfect and clear vision with the help of these PVC strip curtains. Apart from this, PVC curtains are also popular for their easy movement and also higher flexibility. It can hang its place perfectly and thus work great as curtains.

What are the Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains?

PVC strip curtains serve their ultimate purpose of preventing air pollution as it’s designed in a way that one can install them hassle-free. If you install it in your office, it lets your employees get complete access even without much complexity in their work location. As far as the most common benefits of PVC strip curtains, these are as follows;

1. Divide your Office into Different Sections

Sometimes, we need to divide our work into different areas to carry out our business operations hassle-free. Using PVC strip curtains can be the right solution for you in this arena. If we talk about PVC strip curtains, they are popular as space-saving, cost-efficient, and easy to install.

So, it’s a perfect option for you to divide different spaces throughout your organization. It’s common in use among many production companies who use it for facilitating different types of uses. PVC curtains indeed serve as the right option for businesses for offering great barriers between different working areas since they can easily separate every section while letting you have easy visibility and also maneuverability on every side. 

2. Entrance for Refrigeration Units

When it comes to temperature control, it’s a crucial function of different types of warehouses, distribution, and various manufacturing centers. No matter which industry you work in, you need to keep several products including food and others at a highly specific temperature.

This is the reason why many PVC strip curtains manufacturers provide various particular freezer-coated products that work better to prevent cool air from escaping those refrigerated areas and also from warm air getting inside no matter how many times you open or close the door.

3. Cover Most Often Used Entrance and Outdoors

Another use of these types of curtains is for covering the entrance and also various outdoor locations. You will find many distribution centers and warehouses that need PVC curtains to make it easy for workers to move freely. You will not face any difficulty in closing and opening the door in a normal situation. In case of heavy product loads, you will face this quite tough and also inconvenience.

4. Keep Away from Air Pollutants

As mentioned, PVC curtains are useful in dealing with air pollutants. This is the reason why a large number of people prefer to use it. You need to understand the fact that dust particles tend to create a hazard for your health and thus make your health and life more complicated. 

When you use PVC curtains, it helps you stay away from air pollutants and thus helps you get a fully clean and also a more healthy and productive environment. And thus, it helps you make your life more healthy and meaningful. 

Pros and Cons of PVC Strip Curtains

If you are planning to buy PVC curtains for your office, you need to be aware of its several pros and cons. Following are some of the pros and cons of these curtains that will help you in making the right decision to buy these items.


• Low maintenance cost

• Termite proof

• Lightweight

• Anti-corrosive

• Chemical and moisture resistant

• Good quality

• Anti-corrosive

• Tough and highly durable

• Chemical resistant

• Moisture resistant

• Availability in a range of colors

• Outstanding appearance

• Strong and highly durable

• Good for temperature control


• Minimal look

• Unappealing as they’re made from synthetic materials

• May tear, but thicker styles

How to Choose PVC Curtains for Commercial Space?

If you are planning to buy PVC curtains for your Office Space, you need to consider the following crucial factors in your mind. Take a look.

1. Materials

First and foremost, you need to find out the right materials that your PVC strip is made up of. Material is one of the crucial aspects of these curtains that have the potential to make a higher impact on your buying decision.

You need to understand that these curtains are made up of different materials for marching the particular requirements.

If you want to have a curtain for freezer rooms, you need to go for polar-grade strips as these tend to freeze. These are good options to use even in the lowest temperature.

2. Transparency

Transparency is another crucial factor that you should always take into account when buying PVC curtains. These are the right option for people who operate heavy equipment around.

For instance, if an individual operates a heavy truck on one side of the curtains, and the other drives a lorry in an opposite direction, then drivers should be able to visualize each other using curtains and can thus avoid a collision.

3. Size

No matter what type of PVC curtain you are looking for, you need to have a proper size. Make sure the curtains that you want to buy are perfect in size. If you are looking for curtains for a place that has many footfalls, you need to go for lighter, thinner curtains. The reason is these are easy to move.

You should also be aware of how long you need a strip. You need to have strips that should just about touch the floor.

4. Color

Last but not least, you need to also focus on color while choosing PVC curtains. You need to know that PVC strip curtains are available in a wide range of colors such as blue, red, yellow, green, white, black, and gray. You can choose the right color that complements your brand.

You can also go for colors that are highly transparent for safety. For instance, PVC curtains with orange colors let you see from one side to the others.


Whether you are looking for the best curtains for your office, you should look for none other than PVC curtains. After going through the complete guide to PVC Strip Curtains as above details, you may now have enough details about these curtains. So, it’s the right time to buy the curtains that you love the most.

FAQs About PVC Strip Curtains

1. What are PVC curtains used for?

Well, PVC curtains are the best way of keeping insects, air pollutants, and pests away from your Office space. It helps you in making your life healthy, happy, and enjoyable. Apart from this, you can also use these curtains for separating a large space into different parts.

2. How effective are PVC curtains?

PVC curtains are indeed quite effective mainly due to their great design. These curtains are quite efficient when it comes to keeping the temperature in your production area. These curtains are good for letting small airflow and help you keep the consistency in temperature of your Commercial Space.