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When building a data center, it is essential to know the best options to make sure that efficiency, especially, installing hot or cold aisle containment. You need to consider the energy efficiency, the premise you stay in, the infrastructure you will keep in the data center. You should know first is that what is the difference between cold and hot aisle containment. It is a pivotal aspect to build the data center.

The data center needs hot and cold aisles as part of the energy-efficient layout for server racks and other required computing equipment. The purpose of hot/cold aisle configuration is to balance airflow in a way that preserves energy, and lowers the cooling price.

For better understanding, hot aisle/cold aisle data center design needs server racks in a row with other rows with cold air intakes in opposite directions as hot air exhausts facing the other. The rows are set-up in a line, and the fronts are called cold aisles. Cold aisles face directly to air conditioner output channels. Rows that hotter will exhaust pour into are known as hot aisles. Hot aisles face directly to air conditioner return channels.

Hot and Cold Aisle Containment system separates hot aisles and cold aisles from each other and controls hot and cold air from joining. The system has been designed as physical barriers that segregated both aisles with vinyl plastic sheeting or other material covers. Today, technology has come up with more options to prevent both cold and hot aisles from joining together. dns bss is one of the leading Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Manufacturers in Bangalore with years of experience in business solutions.

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Why You Need Aisle Containment

When you want to establish a data center and implement hot or cold aisle containment, try to ensure the containment of different temperatures is required. You should be able to find whether returns are placed properly by looking at the positions themselves. The second is that cold and hot spots. CFM is the crucial aspect of airflow adjustment HVAC professionals can help you in all aspects of establishing data centers. There are various models of servers, and they need different CFMs will require volumes of air for optimal efficiency. When you cannot control by CFM adjustment, cold or hot containment is the right option for your data center.

Aisle containment in data centers is indispensable for any company or business that has a considerable amount of servers, moreover, to keep other equipment running at its best performance levels, containment will help you save on your energy bills more than 50 percent.

When you upgrade your data center, it is like building a data center from the beginning again. So, it is essential to build it up with a secure mode. You need to twice and thrice to ensure all are positioned in a right way.

Legacy data center layout

There are two models traditional one and the modern approach. When it comes to the traditional data centers, the heat passes through the colling system as exhaust air. It then goes to the next aisle where it is heated and then moves through the next rack before it passes into the next aisle, and the heat process will go on once again. Then the task of the cooling system which has to work to keep the computing system at the inside premises.

Hot/cold aisle layout

In this system, grouped racks process of heating and cooling sides works simultaneously. In this process heat will generate less and cooling will also work less in the computer rooms. The entire process will be low, and complete arrangements will be efficient air control.


The importance of using hot/cold aisles

The vital aspect of configuring data centers with both cold and hot aisles are to handle heating ventilation system and air conditioning in a better way to preserve energy. In recent days, energy costs reached peaks so, data center managers think of alternatives with cold/hot aisle options. Data centers must consider cost as it designs with hot and cold aisles for green data center strategy.

Legacy data centers vs. hot/cold aisles

Securing servers in data centers, racks equipped. There are other equipments like power supplies and air-controlling equipment. Data centers have to install cooling units for optimum airflow to a certain degree to balance hot and cold air.

Best practices for hot/cold aisle containment

  • You must look into best practices of how these both cold and hot aisles containment layout implementation should be:
  • If you raise the floor about 2 feet, air conditioning equipment can direct the air through space that is allocated.
  • Try to arrange cubic-feet-per minute grills that will have airflow push in the width of 600 CFM.
  • Try to keep the devices as per the space that you have either top or side of the data center.
  • You need to install automatic doors to be flexible at the data centers.

Migrating to hot/cold aisles

When you want to establish a data center, cold/hot aisles will be part of the design from the beginning itself. When business owners look for a modern approach for this data center arrangement, the process will be more difficult. Engineers have to go through a whole lot of analysis to determine if the capital will get the required savings and ROI. Please take a look at some of the key aspects for investment.

  • Hiring experienced architects and adept environment and power engineers;
  • Investment to move all the required material like racks and others;
  • Investment calculation on electronic cables and power channel units;
  • HVAC systems replacement if necessary;
  • Business owners don’t mind spending large amounts to have a healthy climate at their premises. Luckily, these hot/cold aisles curtains are economical and efficient to work.hot/cold aisles have proven to control the temperature even with the door open. These hot/cold aisles curtains make sure that the climate in office premises is apt for work irrespective of the temperature outside. No matter how hot outside, you do not feel that inside.

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Containment is the best approach to keep the hot and cold air separated. Without containment, it turns out to be difficult to handle things. The entire process will be designed to balance hot and cold air to function the system accurately. If not, it leads to many problems.

First is the airflow containment system, it helps on ROI. As cold air is moved into IT infrastructure, it creates enough efficiency of the air flow system in reaching the equipment. Therefore, it saves a lot of energy and if you calculate, the entire month’s power costs for each degree of upward change in these points.

The entire panels are built to support chemical or water based suppression systems. In case of any thing that happens this entire system will help you out to melt away roofing system to fall on the floor and quench the fire. I think this article will give you more insights on Data Center aisle containment to establish in your own way.

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