Balconies are the best place to enjoy nature. It’s the place where you spend some time breathing in the fresh air and can behold beautiful views outside of your home. But, the bathroom also exposes us to onlookers and of course harsh sunlight, winter, etc. So, you need to think about the right option for covering your balcony – and the installation of blinds on your balcony can be the right option for you.

When you install blinds on your balcony, it offers you complete privacy and also gives you full protection from harsh sunlight. But, selecting the best type of blind for a balcony is stringent as you will come across plenty of options.

Here, we will discuss some popular blinds that you can consider installing on your balcony. Whether you have a large or small balcony, you can choose any of these blinds to add elegance to your space.

Most Popular Blinds for Balcony

1) Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the important types of blinds that are appropriate for any balcony. These blinds are available with simple functionality and one can clean them easily. Apart from the balcony, you can use this blind throughout your home as well. The most crucial advantage of installing roller blinds on your balcony is that it gives a contemporary look.

Apart from this, the majority of roller blinds are available with energy-saving characteristics. These keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. You can even use block-out roller blinds to even those areas as well where you need complete privacy and darkness. It offers complete darkness and thus lets you sleep properly. 

2) Zebra Blinds

Also known as day and night blinds, zebra blinds are a combination of both opaque and transparent horizontal stripes in two different layers that create a completely different effect. These blinds provide full privacy in a closed position whereas a translucent position lets light filter in completely.

With zebra blinds, you can also have complete light control on your balcony and thus they can also change the appearance of your balcony. You can make them automatic by using a motor to adjust them based on your needs. 

3) Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the other most preferred blinds that you consider installing on your balcony. These blinds can offer both light control and privacy. It includes tiltable slats that let you see out. But, it doesn’t allow people on the other side to see you. So, it becomes a great option if your balcony faces a busy pathway or street.

With Venetian blinds, you can get complete control of the light that comes inside. These blinds are also available in different styles and also a range of affordable options. They are mainly preferred for being the most versatile.   

4) Monsoon Blinds

Also known as balcony blinds, monsoon blinds are designed in a way to be used in exterior spaces including patios, balconies, and various other outdoor areas from wind, rain, sunlight, etc. These blinds are made up of acrylic fabric, polyester, PVC, etc., and are highly durable to withstand harsh weather conditions.

You can install monsoon blinds on the exterior of your outdoor spaces. They are available in a range of designs and styles to match the aesthetic beauty of your home. You can operate it easily either manually or in motorized options. You can roll it up and down as per the weather condition.

These blinds offer numerous advantages to homeowners. They offer complete protection to your outdoor furniture and also décor from damage caused by rain and wind. These blinds also offer shades during the summer season.   

5) PVC Wooden Blinds

As the name suggests, PVC wooden blinds are a combination of two different materials wood and PVC. It’s one of the types of monsoon blinds that appears completely as a real wooden blind, which is available with higher durability.

PVC wooden blinds can be the best choice for your balcony since they offer full privacy while letting you have complete light control. You can tilt these blinds to either let the light come inside your room or block it fully. You can operate it conveniently or can raise or lower it to your preferred height.

The major advantage of these blinds is their ability to resist moisture, which makes them a perfect choice for many outdoor areas including balconies. Since PVC is a water-proof material, it prevents blinds from getting damaged even during the monsoon season.

The major advantage of having a PVC blind is that one can clean and maintain it easily. It includes non-porous PVC materials. You can clean it with the use of a sponge or damp cloth.    

6) Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Outdoor bamboo blinds are the best choice for any balcony. They are stylish and elegant and can beautify your premise. Whether you want to get privacy, add shade, or block sunlight, you can do everything with outdoor bamboo blinds.

While choosing and installing these blinds on your balcony, you need to consider different factors such as size, quality, installation, style, and maintenance. These blinds are affordable and also the most practical solution to improve the style and functionality of the balcony.


So, above are some of the blinds that you can consider installing on your balcony to get privacy and also protection from harsh weather conditions. You can choose the best Balcony blind based on your needs, preferences, budgets, etc.


1. Are monsoon blinds used for the balcony?

Yes, monsoon blinds are the right option to use on the balcony to protect against extreme weather conditions. These blinds are weather resistant and often used in various areas that experience heavy rainfall, especially during the monsoon season. 

2. How do I cover my balcony?

You can cover your balcony in various ways – using blinds is one of those. You can find numerous blinds to use on your balcony to protect from external elements. It also helps you get adequate privacy.