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Effortless Shoe Shine, Every Time: The Auto Shoe Shine Machine

DNS is one of the leading auto shoe shine machines company based in Bangalore. They have been offering services for more than a decade in the industry. They are manufacturing multiple products, and auto shoe shine machines will be one of them.

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Wearing shoes is a social dignity and protection from many harmful things while walking or running. Several types of shoes in the market, and you can purchase them branded to local companies. Working in any standard company, wearing shoes is mandatory and it is a dress code too. They don’t consider wearing sports shoes to be clean and bright.

Today, hundreds of shoe-makers all over the world and companies are uncountable. Sadly, you cannot find shoe polishers. Professional shoe polishers are indeed decreasing day-by-day due to unknown reasons. As the necessity observed by DNSBSS , We have started designing auto shoe polisher machines which work automatically.

Children and elders neglect polishing shoes and wear them as it is. It looks worn without polishing shoes. It does not make you happy. When you enter the office, people look at your shoes first and then look at your attire. Therefore, you must polish your shoes on a daily basis and go to work. If you observe in the office, how many have polished their shoes, you can count on fingers. After contemplating the need for shoe polishing, DNS BSS have launched auto shoe shine machines.

DNS Business Solutions is very keen on designing Auto shoe polisher machines with high-quality material, sleek design, and flexibility to polish. These automatic shoe polishing machine are stylish and modest for people to polish their shoes. Our  Shoe shining devices came up with multiple options to install in places like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and industries.

Our Shoe Shining & Polishing Machines


Silver Automatic Shoe Shining Machine

The Silver Automatic Shoe Shining Machine is a sleek and modern device designed to make the task of shoe shining effortless and convenient. This machine is built with a sturdy metal frame and is powered by an electric motor, making it durable and reliable for regular use.

The machine features two rotating brushes that work together to clean and polish your shoes. The first brush is made of soft bristles that gently remove any dirt or debris from your shoes, while the second brush is made of horsehair and is designed to give your shoes a high shine.

Fully Automatic Black And Brown Shoe Polish Machine

The Fully Automatic Black and Brown Shoe Polish Machine is a state-of-the-art device designed to make the task of shoe shining effortless and convenient. This machine is built with a sturdy metal frame and is powered by an electric motor, making it durable and reliable for regular use.

The machine is also equipped with a shoe polish dispenser that dispenses the perfect amount of polish onto your shoes with each use. The dispenser is designed to work with any type of shoe polish, making it a versatile tool for any shoe polishing needs.

One of the standout features of this machine is its fully automatic operation. Simply place your shoes in the designated slots and the machine will do the rest. It will clean and polish your shoes in just a few seconds, leaving them looking shiny and new.


Product Details

Why do you need auto shoe shine machines?

  • In this robotic age, machines are doing more than human beings today. You might have observed this.
  • Lack of time and finding no labor to do certain activities, machines are assigned to do some things, and they are doing successfully.
  • Auto shoe shine machines are working effectively and people are expressing satisfaction over their performance.
  • You can effortlessly polish shoes with the help of auto shoe shine machines without touching them.
  • Using auto-shoe shines machines keep the environment clean and hygienic. Shoes that wear include a large or some amount of dirt spread over the office or home.
  • Hence, installing these machines help control not only germs but also keep the environment healthy.
  • Therefore installing these machines at those places will help you maintain the cleanliness and you can create a wonderful environment.

Benefits of auto shoe shine machines

  • According to research, 50 percent of work is shared by machines today. It might be due to lack of time or not the availability of labor. The reason might be anything. Ultimately, machines came on board to work.
  • People maintain good-looking attire at the office. One can get an impression by wearing shoes that are clean and shining.
  • Auto shoe shine machines will keep the entire environment hygienic and neat. If a person finds no time to polish shoes at home, they can come to the office and clean the shoes and polish.
  • If you think that it is useful only for elders, you are wrong, and school-going kids and college students can also use it for putting on clean and shine.
  • These machines are made from wood and stainless steel for a long-lasting and stylish look. Most of the machines are simple and easy to carry.
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Yes, it cleans the sole so that you don’t carry the dirt and mud inside the office or home. The entire process of the machine is to help you maintain good-looking attire and keep the workspace hygiene.

They don’t require any maintenance and work without repair for a long time. Technology itself is good enough for long-lasting, and the material they use for making is fine wood and stainless steel.

Yes, it depends on the machine that you purchase. The warranty is three years. However, they work effectively for more than three years.

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