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Anti Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains In Bangalore

These curtains are often used in commercial kitchens, food storage facilities, and other areas where it is important to maintain a bug-free environment.

Anti Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains

Manufacturers In Bangalore

These anti-insect amber PVC strip curtains are designed to control insects. They look yellow with the oil content of citronella which acts as a detergent for flying insects. It is a perfect solution for organizations to avoid insects at premises. Anti insect ambers PVC strip curtains will be barriers against flies, and air pollution. It has been chosen by many business owners to control temperatures at the building.

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How to use Anti insect control pvc strip curtains

You can fix anti insect control pvc strip curtains at entry doors to avoid dust, pollution and flies. To keep your food products fresh and hygienic, entrepreneurs have to maintain certain standards so it is indispensable for companies to install at all open access places and doorways. They are different sizes available but standard sizes are preferred by traders to install at their work to keep the environment clean and neat.

Why do you have to install anti-insect control PVC strip curtains?

As your business investment is colossal and products are expensive, you must install anti-insect control PVC strip curtains to give Hygienic food products to customers and keep your environment clean to have a healthy ambiance round the clock. If not, customers won’t pay interest to buy products from you.

keep the premises clean

Almost all the food industries use anti-insect PVC strip curtains, so your building should be clean and neat. Insects carry bacteria from outside and transfer them to food products. Therefore, you need to control the access first. It means installing these curtains at all open places so that there won’t be any possible access. A high standard of cleaning will help to avoid damage to food. In case, any damage to the curtain, try to replace it without delay. Please wash the curtains with lukewarm water.

Where do you use these anti insect control pvc strip curtains?

  • Food courts, beverage centers
  • cafeteria
  • Food manufacturing units
  • production plants

Advantages of Anti Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains​

  • It has been formulated for the controlling of insects, fruit flies, and house flies
  • To balance temperature at the workspace
  • It acts as a barrier for controlling noise and air pollution
  • Employees can move without any difficulty Installing Anti insect ambers PVC strip curtains at the workplace
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These anti-insect PVC strip curtains contain citronella – a scent and they will have that particular detergent for about 3 to 4 years.

There are two colors only – Yellow and Orange

Wash with lukewarm water, and we do not recommend bleach or other detergents.

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