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Best Industrial Air Curtain Manufacturers & Suppliers

Industrial Air Curtain Manufacturers

An air curtains controls stream of air by keeping cold air out in winter and conditioned air in during summer. With its powerful motor or blower it helps to stop the infiltration of pollutants and flying insects. This is especially important in stores that have food or other consumables. It is suited for big showrooms, supermarkets, jewelers showrooms, shopping malls, etc. It separates different environments while allowing a smooth, uninterrupted flow of people, vehicles and unobstructed vision through the opening.

It provides sizable energy savings and increased personal comfort when applied in industrial or commercial settings. Air curtain fluid handling systems may be either as a mobile unit that can be moved to the position required to capture the air flow, or may be fixed to a wall or ceiling, though some units are fixed to the ground in a fixed position. Air curtains are an alternative to vacuums in using small volumes of the contaminated air and the flow generated to remove odors, particulate matter, dust, bacteria and viruses that contaminate the air. As a Industrial Air Curtain Manufacturers in Bangalore,India we have all types of air curtains manufactured in our unit to provide best quality and types.

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How Does an Air Curtain Work?

  • Energy savings through control of air transfer
  • Energy savings due to shorter run times of air handler or compressor
  • Safe environment support by increasing ventilation and de-stratifying the air
  • Maintain employee/customer comfort
  • Reduce flying insect infiltration

Factors to choose Air Curtains?

  • Air curtain installation depends on height measures from the airflow diffuser to the floor and the width of the doors
  • The premises of the building to confirm the level of safety required against weather conditions.
  • If the business place has many doors, either in the same or opposite direction
  • If the office has many stores connected by escalators
  • Inside and outside the premises air pressure differences

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Advantages of Air curtains

  • Air curtains offer many benefits in general. Not only energy saving but also comfort that you get is ultimate. They create a comfortable environment by regulating the adequate temperature for all. Installing air curtains over open doors is energy-saving and cuts down the cost of electricity.
  • Air curtains help control normalizing climate conditions, insects, and humidity. They maintain heat in ovens and balance air moments within the in-house climate. There are several advantages of air curtains.
  • One has to keep the air curtain at the right place, either the air curtain should be above or beside the entrance that ensures the moment of air from outside. If it is not placed properly, there is a chance of leakage from both sides.
  • You can try to implement many other ways to control the temperature in a room. But, air curtains are the best in a way that they allow people to work without any hurdle of both sides.
  • At work premises, bees and fruit flies create a lot of disurbance and contaminate the food products. They ruin the products and spread diseases. Flying pests cannot enter air curtains and cause any allergic reactions.
  • Business owners don’t mind spending large amounts to have a healthy climate at their premises. Luckily, these curtains are economical and efficient to work. Air curtains have proven to control the temperature even with the door open. These air curtains make sure that the climate in office premises is apt for work irrespective of the temperature outside. No matter how hot outside, you do not feel that inside.

Frequently Asked Questions on Air Curtain

Air curtains are designed to control the inflow of air. The aerodynamically designed device has strong resistance power to airflow and functions through an air outlet that has an unstable air stream.

1) Consumption of less energy 2) Higher HVAC efficiency 3) Ensures an optimal comfort level 4) Cost-effective air-flow equipment

No, it is not possible to install on a glass door directly. You have to do a metal fabrication to fix it on glass.

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