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Air Curtain will help to clean air quality, We are Manufacturer of High Quality Air Curtain for SuperMarket, Grocery store & Malls

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Air curtains are nowadays considered to be a perfect option for various commercial spaces including grocery stores and super markets. Irrespective of the location and size of your store, you need to choose the best air curtain for grocery store/supermarket based on your requirements. Make sure you install the air curtain from the main entrance area to loading decks on the backside of your store.

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Benefits of Air Curtain for Supermarkets

Attract More Customers

Air curtains are not only effective for protecting your Supermarket from external environments but also help you improve the beauty of your grocery store. We offer you attractive air curtains that can easily tantalize your customers.

Control Indoor Temperature

Air curtains work as a barrier and stop external air coming inside your Supermarkets and vice versa. It helps in controlling the indoor temperature of your grocery store. Buy a range of air curtains that are effective in temperature control.

Good for Energy Saving

We at DNS offer world-class air curtains that stop the indoor air of your Supermarkets from coming outside and thus reduce the burden of cooling devices. As a result, it consumes less energy and helps you save on electricity bills.

Increase Sales

Once you install air curtains on your main entrance, you don’t need to close your main door. You can open it to the free-follow of your staff, which improves your operation. It also ensures the full comfort of your customers and they will enjoy visiting your store.

Improve Employee Health

At DNS, we offer a range of air curtains for your Supermarkets. Our curtains function smoothly and prevent your store from getting inside. So, it ensures the complete safety of your employees and improves their productivity as well.

Improve Safety

Air curtains are also popular for ensuring the complete safety of your Supermarket. We offer air curtains that are capable of keeping dust, air pollutants, and fumes away from your grocery store and thus ensure their safety.

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Air curtains are one of the products that help you keep food clean and fresh. It works to block fumes, smoke, and various flying insects. If you have an air curtain, it enables you to store various food items even without getting stressed about its hygiene. It also improves your health, comfort, and also safety.

Air curtains are the right option for customers in the supermarket because of their capability of removing those uncomfortable draught sensations. Besides, a comfortable indoor temperature is another factor that makes customers highly comfortable.

As the name suggests, commercial air curtains are one of the types of air curtains that are meant to be used in various commercial spaces be it grocery store, restaurant, supermarket, or other places.

Well, air curtains work effectively in drawing air from the premises and they charge the same through the nozzles over the doorway. It creates a completely invisible air wall, creating a completely separate environment even without closing the main entrance.

Well, the main reason why supermarkets blast hot air by the main entrance is to prevent insects from flying through the main entrance. And it helps them keep a hygienic environment inside that is not only good for keeping food healthy but also good for the better health of both employees and customers.

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