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Air Curtain for Healthcare and Hospitals

DNS BSS is one of the leading Manufacturer and suppliers of Healthcare and Hospitals Air curtains.

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Since hospitals are the places where patients get a cure for diseases that they are suffering from, it’s the responsibility of hospitals and many healthcare facilities to ensure proper sanitation of this place. It helps them provide world-class treatment to patients while ensuring great hygiene. Meanwhile, it’s certainly not easy for the hospital to maintain sanitation as they welcome a large volume of traffic. And thus they face a lot of challenges in maintaining cleanliness and a hygienic environment.

Benefits of Air Curtain for Hospitals

Maintain Hygiene

Air curtains are one of the devices that help you in maintaining the hygiene of your hospital premises. DNS offers air curtains that keep external air pollutants, fumes, etc. and other factors away from your hospitals, which is essential for maintaining good hygiene.

Patients Comfort

Since air curtains help control the temperature of your hospital’s premises, it makes patients feel good, which helps them recover fast. We provide top-quality air curtains that help you make your patients fully comfortable.

Reduces Noise

Noise is a bad thing for patients and they find it hard to recover fast in a noisy atmosphere. Buy our air curtains that are designed in a way to block external noise from coming inside your healthcare premises and make your patients relaxed.

Energy Saving

We at DNS provide the top-rated air curtains that are designed with the latest technologies and are capable of preventing AC air from going outside. It thus minimizes strain on your air conditioner and thus reduces your electricity bills.

Free Flow

Since air curtains prevent the internal cool AC air from going outside, it keeps your hospital cool and cozy even if you open the main gate for a longer time. And hospitals must open the main entrance for ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.

Pest Control

As mentioned, air curtains work effectively when it comes to preventing insects from coming inside your hospital and healthcare facilities. It helps you minimize the necessity of pest control and thus helps you reduce your cost.

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Well, the main purpose of the air curtain in healthcare is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on the premises. It helps you in keeping the cool air inside even if you leave the door of your hospital open even during the summer season. It prevents hot air from entering your hospital premises and thus makes your patients fully comfortable and helps them recover easily. Installation of air curtains in healthcare facilities and hospitals also improves complete safety and comfort and thus works effectively in saving your energy.

To get the most crucial advantage of an air curtain, you should install it at the main entrance of your hospital. Be it saving energy or controlling temperature, it helps you in doing both.

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