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Air Curtains For Schools & Universities

Air Curtain can help to reduce the pollution in area of School or educational institutes

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Schools and educational universities are responsible for providing a fully safe and hygienic environment to students. Air curtains are the most useful things that prevent pests from entering from premises and thus help you stay away from using harsh chemicals. With the use of air curtains, you can easily lower the energy cost and ensure higher comfort for your staff, students, visitors, and many others.

Benefits of Air Curtain for Schools/College

Keep Insects Out of the Premises

Air curtains tend to keep insects out of your educational premises. It never attracts any external factors be it insects or dust and thus ensures full safety of your indoor area from these items.

Ensure Comfort for Staff, Students

Keeping a constant temperature in the indoor area of your educational institute is crucial for ensuring higher comfort for your students, staff, and outsiders. We offer air curtains that help you maintain and control temperature.

Keep Smoke out

As mentioned, air curtains are the best devices for keeping external factors out of your premises, you can expect these devices to protect your premises from smoke and other pollutants and make your educational institute a good place.

Control Energy Expenses

Once you install air curtains on the main entrance of your educational institute, it helps you limit your energy expenses. It helps you maintain and control air for a long time and prevents you from letting your air conditioners switch on always for cooling.

Sized for Different Openings

No matter what the size of the main door of your educational institute, you will get the best option. We at DNS offer these air curtains in different sizes and help you find the right one based on the size of your door.

Continual Protection at Opening

At DNS, we are a renowned brand for offering advanced air curtains that offer the best protection at the opening. Once you install air curtains properly, you don’t need to close your main entrance every time and can maintain the indoor temperature for a long time.

Why Air Curtains For Schools

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This is one of the main reasons why you need to use air curtains in your educational institutions. Air curtains work effectively in helping you keep the inside area of your classroom and educational institutions rejuvenated. It blocks air pollutants, dust, and smoke from coming inside and thus helps you control the inside temperature of your premises rejuvenated and cool.

Air curtains work the function on a higher velocity jet of air that tends to cover different types of openings. When it comes to heated air curtains, these create huge comfort by the jet of air on various people since they cross the air screen and also help you maintain the temperature on your main entrance.

Well, air curtains are also popular as air doors. It’s a type of equipment that can blow a fully controlled stream of air across an opening to the other side for creating an air seal. The seal includes the capability of separating different environments while letting an uninterrupted and smooth flow of traffic.

The best place to install air curtains in your educational institution is just above the door header. Or you can also install it to a maximum of half or two inches. It’s good to install the air curtains close to the top of the door. You can find extended mounting brackets that are available in a range of lengths.

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