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DNS is one of the leading companies in Bangalore for providing different air curtains, various window coverings, bug zappers, hand dryers, tissue dispensers, and many more. Since its inception, the company has received the attention of customers from all parts of India. The motto of the company is to cater services with top-notch quality products. DNS is familiar in the market for its customized products and cost-cutting strategies. DNS will never think of moolah rather customer satisfaction and long-lasting relationship. Our expert technicians assess product requirements and offer the quote to deliver products on time to reach your expectations. A wide range of products with multiple features and an array of colors are available to meet all your business and home needs.

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Industries We Serve

It might be any industry-related product; it does need proper attention and service to run for a long time. DNS walks with you in every step of your growth to meet your needs. It leaves no stone unturned in delivering product services. DNS won’t follow the hit-and-run process and work with the client to rectify every aspect to be perfect and apt to serve customer needs.

Automobile Industry

With a great demand for vehicles, the automobile industry has been growing exponentially in India. It is one of the major economic developments in the country. From all parts of the world have branches in India, conceptual bikes and cars have been launched to accomplish the requirement of customers. Since the demand is high, companies are expanding branches in every part of the metropolitan cities. DNS is the leader in the market for providing building requirements in terms of curtains, window coverings, etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The tiny aspect also plays a crucial role in the medical industry and needs attention. Every part of the building should be hygienic, and window coverings to protect from insects and keep the environment clean. DNS knows no boundaries to offer services that require the pharmaceutical industry.

Cold Storage freezer room

DNS is known as a trusted manufacturer company for offering cooling units for cold rooms in India. Besides being a supplier, wholesaler, trader for various products, DNS has been catering cooling units for organizations across the country. DNS has been working with hospitals for preserving life-saving drugs, serum samples, and blood plasma in cold rooms.

Hotels and Kitchen

A clean environment in food units is indispensable. If you are not able to handle it properly, it can cause many problems. Be it fly insect catchers, mosquito screens, window coverings, and many more to keep the place clean and hygienic. DNS is the best manufacturer of food industry products.

Textile Industry

The textile sector in India has become one of the oldest economic sources for centuries. But, last two decades, this business has been growing rapidly. These manufacturing units require multiple devices to run the company without any damage. From window coverings to hand dryers, it needs several products. DNS is one of the finest companies to meet all needs of business owners to keep the premises clean and hygienic.

Benefits of DNS products

Everyone has a great concern over the quality of products and price. Before buying, everybody will look into the features and price of services and products. Be it window coverings, hand dryers, tissue dispensers, mosquito nets, cooling units, air curtains, bug zappers, and whatnot, DNS is the leader in Indian manufacturing products of aforementioned. You will wonder how to get the services as every product has its uniqueness to offer premium quality service to customers. More than all, affordable prices are said to be a major asset for clients. DNS’s best part is that on-time delivery and 24/7 customer support. What’s better than getting quality with a reasonable price to own the products?

  • Premium Quality

    DNS believes that the quality of the product changes the business prospects and creates a trust bridge between clients and traders. You can rely on the DNS of any product you purchase as we look into the tiny aspect of product standards and long-living. No product will go without a warranty from our manufacturing unit.

  • Affordable Price

    The DNS is not only focusing on providing quality products but also on implementing cost-cutting strategies to offer products at a reasonable price. It would help customers to install and have a comfortable lifestyle at the office or home.

  • Warranty

    Before buying any product, the customer seeks for warranty as it shows the standard of product quality for long-living. Without a warranty, no product will move out of our manufacturing unit. It is one of the major factors for DNS to be a leader in the market

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We are very much happy to be your customer you proide a very good service which is very perfect and clean.


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DNS Business Solution is the perfect one where we fulfiled our needs wholeheartdly , thank you so much for your service.

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