Best mosquito killer machine for home

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Best mosquito killer machine for home

Insect catcher is an important device to entice insects. It really helps to Get Rid of Annoying and Disease Causing Insects and Flies that ruin you at Home, Office and Kitchen. Chemical Free Insect catchers are available.

We all need customer service and hygiene in eateries are of uttermost importance and that insects can be an unhygienic means in Food production, Pharmaceutical Companies,  and Wrapping areas, the kitchen serving & dining areas.

Wide Products Available AS Follows:

Mosquito Window NetTop of Form

Protects your indoors from all types of tiny pests. Mosquito net for windows make your house look stylish and tidy and make you stress-free. It will prevent you from diseases like Influenza, Malaria, and other insect-induced infections.

This window net can be easily operated by elderly and children. Screen has toughest and heavy mesh construction along with Strong transmittance and breathable.

FIBERGLASS MATERIAL -This screen tool is crafted with ultralight, great durable fiberglass, which giving your door screen a stronger covering and Non-Tear able, Eco-friendly, Fireproof material.

Affordable – Worth able, need not to replace the whole door window screen just cut as required

Pleated Mosquito Nets

This is a worthwhile mosquito net to keep your home or office environment free of insects. It prevents from mosquitoes, ants, bees, lizards, and other pests entering your house. Ask for pleated mosquito nets for windows!

Here you’ll get innovative mosquito screening solutions for Windows, Door screen or large openings with pleated screens solution. Pleated screens are adorning yet clearly visible and can be operated easily by children and elderlies without any enlightened technique. Retracting force is not required to open or close the screens. Stopper at any required location and the screen can be stored the way in the protective housing when not in use that keeps the mesh clean, invisible and safe from potential damages.

Benefits: Pleated screens are decorative door insect screens. They bestow a clear and transparent visibility. Lightweight and easy to operate, reinforced with a string, it has a horizontal movement, and allows for better visibility. Grey and charcoal black colours available.

Mosquito Mesh For Openings

Mosquito Mesh are very useful in terms of protection from the outsiders i.e. Insects. Types are:

FIBER GLASS: Most commonly used mesh material; it does not rust, corrode, or dent. Because of its flexibility it’s easy to install.

STAINLESS STEEL: Manufactured by stainless steel wires woven into a mesh. It is extremely strong and durable. It is available in black colour, offers great outdoor visibility good air-flow and best resistance to rust and corrosion.

PET RESISTANT: Pets that constantly scratch your screens, go with the heavier and strong pet resistant mesh. It is the strong resistant to tear and damage caused by pets.

PULL DOWN: It is a mesh that rolls up and opens down with one swift movement. It is given with high quality mechanism that ensures effortless and smooth movement of mesh frame. It is best fit for outward opening windows.

OPENABLE: Contoured in the inner side of the Window system, it blocks the entry of mosquitoes and insects when you open the outer sashes for fresh air.

Glue Pad Fly Catchers

New way of getting rid of dead flies and insects is Glue Fly Catcher. Fly Catcher Glue Pad board is a much strained product with non-toxic paper boards that attract and traps the insect into its non-releasing and non-toxic gum boards. This Glue Board traps mosquitoes, flies and other insects on its glue pad board.

Once trapped onto the glue pads the on contact and never releases them back. The Fly Trapper Gum Pad Boards and Gum Pads for Fly Catchers are especially deployed to prevent Rodents and Reptiles from feasting on the Insect killed and trapped inside the spider insect catching machine.

Benefits: It quietly and efficiently traps flying insects on its control (glue) boards. It is made up of lightweight and sturdy body. It contains three UVA lamps for more attraction and an optional shield to trapped insects from view.

Electronic Bug Zapper
It is like a new mesh style protector in front of the electric grid so be careful and keep away from children from shock even if touched accidentally.
It is easy to use, safely designed insect killer machine comes with a ‘plastic tray’ to collect dead mosquitoes and insects which can be easily removed after switching off the unit and can be washed, dried and cleaned to maintain hygienic environment.

Mosquito Racket/Killer Bat

This is a Lightweight plastic racket with the flowing current metal mesh in the middle.

Just charge this racket regularly and then you can carry it and sway it keeping your hand on the switch in the racket.

Caution: Just need to be careful to not to touch the racket at the mesh area also you need to keep away from children’s hand as it is a bit risky if someone touches the current flowing net area.